Read here for just a few of our most recent and ongoing outreach endeavors!

We appreciate your financial support to help offset the costs for these endeavors, but we also encourage you to get personally involved. Just ask us for more info.

Homeless Care Packages

  • We create custom care packages, often known as Blessing Bags, for our local homeless community and encourage you to do the same. Keep them in your car in an easy-to-reach location to share with a person in need. Especially critical for cold winter.
  • We typically use a one-gallon size ziplock and include:
    • 1-2 heavy duty construction-strength garbage bags, (nicely folded, very useful to help keep personal items dry in wet winter);
    • trail mix (can be single-serving, snack-pack size);
    • bottle of water;
    • flashlight or headlamp;
    • disposable hand warmers;
    • a $5-10 Subway gift card;
    • a single pair of socks and/or gloves if you have room in the bag (keep it compact because our homeless friends still need to carry it all);
    • a hand written note of encouragement (you can keep it anonymous if you would like)
    • and an additional fleece throw blanket on the side.
  • We recommend Walmart camp section for inexpensive items like hand warmers, etc.

Refugee Support

  • We’ve been a part of ongoing outreach efforts supporting refugees from volatile locations like Syria and Sudan, with a most recent focus on supporting the Syrian refugee population in San Diego.
  • We’ve previously collected items to share and distribute to families in need.
  • Work with an extensive existing network of individuals working to help this community.
  • Are looking to assist with long-term support ideas already in motion, like creating a cookbook with recipes from refugee families, to raise awareness and reinvest proceeds back into this vulnerable community.

San Diego Lilac Fire Support

  • We recently supported 211 dispatch operations during the San Diego Lilac Fire.
  • We are currently exploring appropriate avenues to assist in meeting needs of Lilac Fire victims over coming months and will post info accordingly.

Virgin Islands Hurricane Relief

Donation Drive:

  • In October, we conducted a supply-donation drive on behalf of the hurricane-ravaged Caribbean.
  • Our local community contributed over $500 of physical and financial donations to help fill a container bringing much needed supplies to the Virgin Islands and it’s struggling Caribbean neighbors.

Coming Support:

  • We plan to head to the Virgin Islands to participate in relief and rebuilding endeavors for 1-4 weeks in coming months.
  • In addition to providing hands-on support, we hope to document the current situation and identify focused areas for long-term assistance in the hurricane-ravaged region.

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