Community Care in COVID-19

In just a few short weeks, COVID-19 has dramatically impacted countless lives across the globe. Many of our friends and loved ones have experienced the byproducts in life-altering ways, ranging from lockdowns to lay-offs, and even the virus itself. Elikya Connect is working to find safe, creative ways to help Continue Reading

World Refugee Day

June 20 marks World Refugee Day, a UN and internationally recognized day to honor the strength and courage of refugees forced to flee their homes, communities and countries while creating awareness of their ongoing plight and fight for survival. Elikya Connect is privileged to interact with the Syrian and Middle Continue Reading

Global Ed

Elikya Connect is Launching “Global Ed”! After receiving multiple invitations to speak with students in various public and private school classrooms and events this last year, Elikya Connect is branching out. We are currently developing a presentation/curriculum on local and global issues, tailored for students ranging from 4th grade to Continue Reading

Crisis Response Care Cards

Help people in crisis without leaving your home! As all crises are unique and unpredictable, so are the personal needs of theĀ individuals they affect. Vulnerable populations and people in crisis include survivors of natural disasters, human trafficking, war and conflict (refugees), the homeless, and disabled. Many of us want to Continue Reading