In just a few short weeks, COVID-19 has dramatically impacted countless lives across the globe. Many of our friends and loved ones have experienced the byproducts in life-altering ways, ranging from lockdowns to lay-offs, and even the virus itself.

Elikya Connect is working to find safe, creative ways to help our community right here in San Diego County. The need is very real, see a recent video for more on this…

We will be posting more frequently on our Facebook page, but in the meantime, here’s what we’re doing, and a few things you can do:

We are reaching out to individuals and families in North County, San Diego whom we have already identified as struggling or in need during this time. We will be delivering COVID Community Care Packages (wearing appropriate PPE and respecting safety protocols) with some of the following items below.

We will distribute as many Care Packages as possible with whatever items / funding we receive. (Please note, tax-deductible giving is processed through our 501c3 fiscal sponsor, The Cause. We can also accommodate direct donations, however they will not be tax-deductible.)

If you would like to partner with us in this outreach by donating financially or physically with grocery store gift cards or any of the items below, we welcome your support! Also, please feel free to send us a private message and let us know if you know an individual or family in need. We can’t guarantee we can help, but we certainly will try! 

Care Packages include items such as those below (if available) and of course, a little note of love and encouragement:).

  • Apples, Oranges (Vitamin C)
  • Potatoes, Rice (Starch)
  • Peanut Butter, Rice Cakes, Cereal, Trail Mix
  • Canned Chili, Black Beans, Tuna, Chicken, Fruit, etc. (Protein/Non-perishables)
  • Lysol, Paper Towels, TP
  • Bottled Water

Other things YOU can do personally:

1). Create a “Give or Take Front Yard Foodbox” for your own neighborhood. 

2.) Reach out to neighbors and elderly, drop off a bag of food and a note of encouragement.

3). Check out local opportunities in your own neighborhood using the Next Door app.

2). Donate to and/or do a food drive to support a local Food Bank. (Check out FFCC for Inland North San Diego County opportunities.) Check out these potential opportunities to physically volunteer in San Diego County.

3). See 211 San Diego for other countywide resources, etc.

Additional San Diego/North County-based organizations Elikya Connect has personally interacted with and love (Don’t be misled by the limited info on a few of their sites, these organizations have tremendous heart, grit and resolve and constantly do WAY more than they have time to post/update!):


Friends and Family Community Connection – Inland North County (Poway, etc) and International


Oceanside Homeless Resource Group on Facebook 

Fill-a-belly – Carlsbad / Encinitas




Hidden Treasures

Sisters of the Streets

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