Elikya Connect is Launching “Global Ed”!

After receiving multiple invitations to speak with students in various public and private school classrooms and events this last year, Elikya Connect is branching out.

We are currently developing a presentation/curriculum on local and global issues, tailored for students ranging from 4th grade to high school.  

We aim to help:

  • Challenge kids to think more critically about the world around them
  • Catalyze kids to take action to address these issues within the realm of the ¬†resources already accessible to them. ¬†

We recently had the privilege of speaking in several inner city classrooms. We were amazed at the personal interaction with the subject matter and discovered that many of the students already had a deep concern for the issues happening in their own neighborhoods. Engaging the issues they had already encountered energized them to try to find creative ways to influence their own families, neighborhoods and communities for the better.

If you would like an Elikya Connect staff member to speak with your students, please let us know. We are excited to see help inspire students on their journey as future world changers!

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